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Trace Find Search People South Africa – We have been tracing people and businesses in South Africa for the past 17 years. We offer a no-nonsense service which basically equates to one thing – We trace on your request, if we don’t find – you do not pay.
We can work with very little information in most cases. We are able to trace details from a name only, or we can work from an address, telephone number or an EMail address. We can go on company ownership, employment or previous employment.
It always helps to have at least three bits of information. A name, ID-number, telephone number etc… linked to two or three other bits of information goes a long way in assisting us to link and/or pinpoint a specific person to new and hopefully contactable details
To trace someone is not always easy, especially when that person does not want to be found!

We are linked to (almost) all available sources of information in the country, and naturally have a few tricks up-our-sleeve as well. We are therefor quite confident that if we are not able to trace someone, chances are very slim that anybody else will be able to!

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