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Trumper Sreet 784 Waverley, 0186 Pretoria, South Africa

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Our Pretoria walk-in fishing tackle store supplies a nice selection of carp fishing tackle, carp fishing rods & reels, the best floating and sinking fishing braid (braided fishing line), fishing accessories and fishing gear suitable for big fish specimen anglers (all species including carp) as well as for the competitive and recreational anglers. We also supply the biggest range of specimen big carp accessories, bait making tools (such as boilie rolling tables and sausage guns), bite alarms & bite alarm sets, fake artificial baits, baiting tools etc. etc.With our wide selection of freshwater fishing baits (including carp baits such as tiger nuts & boilies), food oils, liquid attractors & additives, feeding pellets, precooked and dry uncooked particles & pulses (such as bird seed, hemp, maples, chick peas, tigernuts etc.), various ground bait & method mixes and much, much more, you are sure to find whatever you require.We also stock a large assortment of fishing tackle, baits and accessories for the Bass-, Barbel-, Curper- and Saltwater angler.Visit us at the following address: HENKOR, 784 Trumper Street, Waverley, Pretoria. Tel: 012 3320179.You can also view our complete range online at the following link: http://www.henkor.co.za/

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